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If you require a visa to enter the United States to attend Coverings, May 8-11 in Atlanta, GA, USA, you should apply now
Even if you didn't need a visa for a previous Coverings show, you are encouraged to double check the current requirements. U.S. regulations now require security checks for most visitor visas, resulting in a process that may take three months or more. Citizens of certain countries must have an invitation in hand before they can obtain a passport from their government, and then apply for a U.S. entry visa. General information on the U.S. visa application process is available on this page and official information on U.S. visa policies and procedures is available from the U.S. Department of State.


Visa applicants are advised to apply as soon as they decide to travel to the United States and at least three to four months in advance.

To request a visa letter, you must first register for Coverings 2018. Your registration must be complete before a visa letter can be processed. Coverings 2018 registration will open in Fall 2017.

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