Paying for Performance or Just Paying?

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Paying for Performance or Just Paying?

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
April 04, 2017

Payroll costs account for approximately sixty percent of total operating expenses for the typical distributor. Clearly, the ability to generate maximum productivity from this expense commitment is critical for desired profit levels. With this level of expense commitment, how do you know if you are providing a fair and adequate compensation and benefits package while still maximizing your bottom line? Join Al Bates as he provides a comprehensive look at compensation data collected from nearly 1,000 firms at over 6,000 locations throughout North America as part of the Profit Planning Group's 2016 Employee Compensation Study of the Distribution Industry. Understand how your company's compensation program stacks up to other companies in distribution based on sales volume and region. From executives to employees, commissions to perks, health insurance to retirement, understand how tile and stone distributors compare with distributors in other industries. Where do you need to make changes in compensation levels and how can you ensure your employee productivity for maximum profitability?

Chairman and President
Distribution Performance Project
Location:  S330C

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