Exhibitor Authorized Contractor Notification Form

  1. Exhibitor MUST make a request in writing:  Exhibitors who wish to use an EAC MUST fill out the Notification of Intent to Use Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form located below.  Taffy Event Strategies must receive this form no later than the deadline indicated on the form (March 12, 2019).  No approvals can be granted after the deadline.
  2. EAC’s must provide a Certificate of Insurance:  Copies by email exhibitor@coverings.com or fax (703.539.3691) will be accepted. Every person needing access to the show floor must be covered by insurance.  (Exhibiting companies are required to insure their own personnel.)  Any person, who is not a direct employee of the exhibiting company, must provide his/her own proof of insurance before being allowed access to an exhibitor’s booth on the show floor.  EAC insurance forms may be downloaded here
  3. Written acceptance of show rules from the EAC:  Written acceptance on the Notification of Intent to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form, specifying that the EAC will abide by all show Rules and Regulations Governing EAC’s including those contained herein for exhibitor designated contractors. This written acceptance must be received by Show Management by no later than the deadline indicated.

Rules & Regulations Governing EAC’s

  • The EAC will refrain from placing an undue burden on the Official Contractor by interfering in any way with the Official Contractor’s work.
  • The EAC will not solicit business on the show floor at any time.
  • The EAC will share with the Official Contractor all reasonable costs incurred in connection with his operation, including overtime pay for stewards, security if necessary, restoration of exhibit space to its initial condition, marking of exhibit floor, etc.
  • The EAC will cooperate fully with the Official Contractors and will comply with existing labor/union regulations or contracts as determined by the commitment made and obligations assumed by Show Management in any contracts with the Official Contractors.
  • ALL EAC’s and their labor must be badged through Show Management by using the form in this section of the manual. No one will be allowed on the show floor without proper identification.
  • EAC’s will not be permitted to store equipment in the Convention Center. Due to limited space and fire regulations, all equipment must be stored off the premises. If found, equipment will be removed from building.
  • The EAC, under no circumstances, will be allowed to remove floor-marking tape until the close of the exposition.