Invite Your Customers

Invite Your Customers to Coverings 2019 – Receive Extra Exposure

Extra exposure available including onsite company signage and app banner ads for top users on invites program – start now.

Invite Your Clients and Customers to
Visit Your Booth at Coverings 2019

Our exhibitor marketing program allows you to easily promote your participation at Coverings 2019 and invite your customers to register at no cost and visit your booth.

Invite your customers with our co-branded assets

The referral campaign was created to make it easy for exhibitors to promote their presence at Coverings 2019!

As an exhibitor, you have access to a customized co-branded landing page, email invitation, and web banner where your customers and prospects can register for their complimentary pass with the the included registration links.

From your exhibitor dashboard you can:

  • View and share the link to your customized landing page with your customers or prospects
  • Send or download a custom-made email promoting your presence at the event
  • Download your banner to place on your website or on e-newsletters

Receiving Your Dashboard

Exhibitor receive an email from Coverings with a link to their personalized dashboard and thier login info. The link will be emailed to the booth contact from your company.

If you believe you should have received your dashboard link and have not, please email us at and we can send it to you!

How to use your dashboard

Instructions will appear onscreen to walk you through the set up. It will take just a few minutes to complete since exhibitor information is auto-filled. If you would like to change anything, please do so.

We recommend customizing it with your:

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Website
  • Booth #

Please note: optimal logo size is 250x250px and optimal description length between 150-300 characters.

There are also various ways you can use the Invite Campaign Dashboard to share invitations and promote your presence at the event as covered in this article and video as outlined below.

  • Import your customer email addresses and send invitations via the dashboard.
  • Download the event email in html format and deploy it to your customers using your own platform.
  • Access your unique link to your Exhibitor Landing Page and send that link in an email to your customers.
  • Download the banner ads and place them on your website or in e-newsletters.

Promote Your Presence at Coverings & Receive Additional Exposure

Enjoy additional benefits when you use Coverings’ customer invitation program.

The more attendees who register through your custom marketing assets, the higher the chances to quailfy and win:

  • Enhanced Booth listing online and in the App
  • Coverings Sponsored Blog post to promote new products/services
  • Signage at Coverings 2019 promoting your brand

Let Your Customer Know You Will be At Coverings 2019!