Coverings 2018 Video Library

Access exclusive content streamed live from Coverings 2018.

Coverings 2018 Quickfire Sessions

You know what your clients want and need. But are you sure that’s what they’re getting?

View these short, single-focus sessions from Coverings 2018, each one is centered on an aspect of product selection critical to today’s consumers. Find out about common misconceptions and misinformation being promoted in the marketplace.

Tile is the Greenest Option

Bill Geise, Director, Standards Development & Sustainability Initiatives for Tile Council of North America discusses why tile is the greenest option.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Waterproofing

Quickfire presentation from Coverings 2018.

Sound Control for Ceramic and Tile Stone Floors

Earl Maicus, Vice President, Commercial and Architectural Sales for Schluter Systems LP speaks to techniques for sound control for ceramic and tile floors.

Proper Use of Pre Sealers and Grout Releasers

Ron Sigman, Business Development Manager for Custom Building Products presents on the proper use of pre-sealers and grout releases in tile and stone installation.

Permeation and Crack Isolation

Dean Moilanen, Director of Architectural Services for Noble Company discusses the issue of cracking and permeation in tile and stone applications.

Health, Wellness, and Tile

Daniel Marvin, Director of Technical Services, MAPEI, Corp discussing the health and wellness angle of tile.

Going Linear

Dean Moilanen, Director of Architectural Services for Noble Company shares thoughts on linear drainage usage in regard to stone and tile installation.

The Value of Tile

Quickfire presentation from Coverings 2018.

Coverings 2018 Demo Stage

Check out the videos from one of the most popular features at Coverings, these live “how-to” classes offered attendees an up-close look at how top contracting pros handle a variety of challenging tile installations live from the show floor.

M D PRO Curbed vs Curbless

M D PRO demonstrates PROVA curbed vs. curbless installations at Coverings 2018.

QEP X TREME Series Tile Saws

QEP Introduces QEP X TREME Series Tile Saws at Coverings 2018.

How to Make Floor Heating Installations Easy

NuHeat demonstrates how to make floor heating installations easy at Coverings 2018.

Exterior Vertical Installations

NTCA demonstrates how to install exterior vertical tile at Coverings 2018.

Do I Really Have to Do That?

Noble Co asks “Do I really Have To Do That?” at Coverings 2018.


Miracle Sealants demonstrates how to use Levolution at Coverings 2018.

Generations of Upcoupling Solutions

Schluter DITRA demonstrates generations of uncoupling solutions at Coverings 2018.

Texrite Non Cracking Grout

Texrite demonstrates the advantages of non cracking grout at Coverings 2018.

Barrier Free Shower Design

Wedi demonstrates how to install a barrier free shower design at Coverings 2018.

On Ground Exterior Installations

NTCA demonstrates on the ground exterior installations at Coverings 2018.

Installations of Tile Balcony and Roof Decks

NTCA demonstrates the installations of tile balconies and roof decks.

Review of Exterior Installations

NTCA reviews exterior installations in their “All Things Wild” segment.

Grouting Tips and Techniques

Merkrete demonstrates grouting tips and techniques at Coverings 2018.

Surface Prep for Gauged Porcelain Panels

MAPEI demonstrates how to prep your surface for gauged porcelain panels at Coverings 2018

Mortar & Grout Solutions for Large Format Tile

MAPEI demonstrates mortar and grout solutions for large format tile.

Strata Heat

LATICRETE discusses strata heat at Coverings 2018.

Quick Cure Mortar Bed

LATICRETE demonstrates the installation of quick cure mortar beds at Coverings 2018.


LATICRETE discusses PERMACOLOR Select at Coverings 2018.

DensShield Tile Backer

Georgia Pacific demonstrates the installation of the DensShield Tile Backer at Coverings 2018.

Anti Etch Protection

FILA Marble Aid demonstrates anti etch protection tile at Coverings 2018.

Installing a Shower in a Day Using SpeedSlope

Custom Building Products demonstrates how to install a shower in one day using SpeedSlope.

Bostik - Bosti Set

Bostik demonstrates how to do a proper Bosti set at Coverings 2018.

Hydroment Vivid

Bostic demonstrates how to work with hydroment vivid

High Performance Waterproofing Systems

ARDEX demonstrates how to install high performance waterproofing systems

Flexbone Heat

ARDEX demonstrates how to work with Flexbone Heat