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Why Tile?

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Why Tile Logo is the tile trade’s first-ever industry-wide initiative designed to provide what we hope will be the information you need to make the choice for tile a clear and easy one. 

You may know that tile dates to ancient times, as archaeologists continue to excavate bits and pieces of both pottery and tiles – shards that date back thousands of years – from sites around the world. In fact, early stylistic influences, including designs dating back to the Moorish conquest of Spain in the 8th century, as well as ever-popular Italian maiolica), which dates to the 15th century, continue to be carried out in today’s modern finishes.

What you may not know about tile is that it’s as rugged as it is beautiful; delivers as many health benefits for the occupants of any space as it does timeless design touches; and, thanks to the fact that each piece is hand-laid, provides customization opportunities simply unattainable through any other surface option. It’s these lesser-known facts that we’ve set out to communicate through this campaign.

Why Tile? Scroll down or visit

Why Tile? Scroll down or visit


Style for All

The Designs Are Endless
and So Are the Possibilities.

That's Why Tile.

Endless finishes await, from timeless elegance to top trends.

  • Blues and greens
  • Metallic
  • Stone look
  • Wood look
  • Black and white
  • Thin tile

Anywhere is the perfect place for tile.

Why Tile's Style for All section shares more about tile's versatility, provides a tile schematics PDF download, and inspiration using various tiles.

The Perfect Tile For Every Project:

The Perfect Tile For Every Project:

  • From rustic chic to timeless elegance, tile gives you options
  • Great for more than just floors... walls, countertops & many other surfaces, too
  • From super shiny to safe when wet, solutions for your every need
  • A design option that says quality and value like no other



Easy Care

Tile Stands Up to the Everyday:

Tile Stands Up to the Everyday:

  • Easy cleaning – water alone is often enough
  • Spend time and money on fun, not keeping up your floors
  • Peace of mind for pets and people
  • Beautiful finish for decades to come, no wear, tear or fading

Easy Clean Up and Care...
For All of Life's Little Messes.

That's Why Tile.

Easy to clean and durable, tile stands up to everyday life.

Tile is:

  • Stain resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fire resistant

Discover how easy it is to clean tile.

Learn more about the benefits of tile and download a PDF of the easy care maintenance tips in the Easy Care section on the Why Tile site. 

Healthy Spaces

Breathe Easy on These Floors
Healthy Spaces Start Here.

That's Why Tile.

If clean air is important to you and your family, tile is the natural choice.

Use tile in your home and avoid exposure to harmful contaminants found in other surfaces. A hypoallergenic flooring option, tile is naturally inert and resistant to dust and other harmful pollutants that are known to cause a variety of healthy problems.

Tile flooring provides uncompromising safety without sacrificing style. Tile flooring doesn’t just look good. It performs. Slip- and fire-resistant, tile flooring protects your family even in hazardous situations.

Tile is the natural, sustainable flooring choice. From unparalleled durability to zero-waste manufacturing, tile is the most eco-friendly flooring option available.

Beauty and Brains Built Right In:

Beauty and Brains Built Right In:

  • Hypoallergenic and fungi, mold and bacteria resistant
  • Slip and fire-resistant surfaces
  • The lowest carbon footprint of any flooring choice
  • No VOC’s or toxic chemicals
  • Crafted from inherently natural materials


Craftsmanship Through the Ages:

Craftsmanship Through the Ages:

  • Beauty that’s both timeless and enduring
  • Created and installed blending new technologies with techniques passed down over generations
  • Hand-laid craftsmanship gives you endless options to customize your design
  • Connects any space to a rich cultural heritage

Thousands of Years of History

Over Your Head and Below Your Feet.

That's Why Tile.

Over the centuries, tile has facilitated many things, from creative and artistic expression to commerce and even political rebellion. Find your place in this rich and colorful lineage: What will tile make possible for you?

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