Builders & Remodelers

Learn new techniques & source unique materials

As builders and remodelers, we know that attracting new business and learning new and alternative uses of tile & stone for kitchens, baths, entries, patios, pools, spas is key to your successful business. At Coverings, you can find ideas and inspiration for your next project while exploring 9 miles of tile & stone. Learn breakthrough trends and specification methods for tile and stone, discover new sources for unique pieces from across the globe, and build relationships to boost your business.

As a builder/remodeler, saving costs and exploring new and alternative uses of tile and stone can lead to business growth and customer acquisition. Only at Coverings can you discover breakthrough trends and specification methods, discover new sources worldwide for one-of-a-kind pieces, and build profitable relationships.

Connect with 26,000 of your peers. Explore nine miles of the latest tile & stone products and sharpen your skills by attending the 50+ complimentary educational sessions, many offering the CEUs.


As a first-time attendee I was very impressed with the layout and the exhibitors present. Awesome show, I learned a lot. Hoping to be back in 2019 in Florida.

Nicola Scott

Active Home Centre

Very proud to attend Coverings for over 25 years. Congratulations on such a great show.

Jose Domenech

Sea Carriers SL

Thank you for supporting someone who falls outside of the normal industry category. The CID award has expanded my vision for what is possible using tile.

Trish Metzner

Independent Artist, Made in Mosaic

Coverings off ers one of the greatest opportunities to showcase new products to both our existing partners and potential customers.

Tressa Samdal

Marketing Director at Florida Tile

We had a lot of good traffic from quality customers. Coverings is truly a mecca for tile and stone, and there’s no better show to attend if you’re new to the industry.

Adam Ramirez

US Brand & Sales Manager at Tau Ceramica

The atmosphere at Coverings 2018 was fantastic. We were so excited to tell the story behind our new products.

Davide Saguatti

Marketing Director at Atlas Concorde

This was my first experience and I was absolutely enthralled buy it. Thank you for recognizing my work and for the opportunity to gain a broader perspective of what’s going on in the world of tile.

Trish Metzner

Independent Artist, Made in Mosaic

The buzz at the show was electric this year. It was great to get immediate feedback from designers, architects and dealers from around the world.

Tressa Samdal

Marketing Director at Florida Tile