2019 CID Award Winner Spotlight: Chicago Showroom


At Coverings 2019, we honored ten outstanding projects that demonstrated spectacular craftsmanship and creativity in the use of tile & stone. This week we’re putting the spotlight on the Commercial Stone Design winner.

Commercial Stone Design Winner
Chicago Showroom
Materials Marketing
Chicago, IL

Custom carved stone. What does that look like? It is often the ability to take an idea, sketch it out, transfer the details to the stone and start chiseling.

This project was a labor of love. We wanted to enhance the space, yet update it, and do some storytelling in the capability of what can be done with natural stone by pushing the boundaries a bit. We take ideas and make them a reality.

This project was set in the middle of downtown Chicago in a historical building that had survived the Chicago fire almost 150 years ago. The structure had to be surveyed to make sure the weight of the stone being used was safe due to a basement boiler room being below.

The end result was nothing short of stunning. There were various stones used for this project. A beautiful way to bring together elegance in an industrial chic building and blend the old Chicago brick with a modern design using old world craftsmanship. This is where design, beauty and purpose collide.


Do you have a recently completed project that features innovative design and installation of tile & stone? Consider entering it to the 2020 CID Awards – the submission portal will open this fall.