2019 Tile Trends: Geometric Tiles & Pattern Play


Author: Tile Council of North America/Why Tile

We are extending National Tile Day with a weekly celebration of 2019’s most anticipated tile trends.

Last week we highlighted the first of these outstanding styles, wood-look tile. This week we’re switching gears to the playful trend of geometric tiles and pattern play

Get ready to be blown away because these designs include some incredibly fun and unique looks. Here are some of the styles on Instagram that we just can’t get out of our heads.

Black Hexagon Shower Tile

Efficiency and a little drama lend themselves to this perfectly balanced and elegant buddy shower. 

Hexagon tile is an ever-popular shape that appears again and again in design history with updated twists for contemporary appeal. This classic black and white color combo adds luxury to a minimalistic curbless shower, running the flooring up the wall and incorporating a lighted full-width shower shelf for a look that is simply stunning.

Slanted Marble-Look Tiles

With tile as the only adornment, this bathroom is a feast for the eyes.

Rows of rhomboid-shaped tiles slant in alternating directions creating a three-dimensional illusion that’s captivating. The design includes not one, but four different colors of marble-look tile (black, white, gray, and blush). 

This look explodes here on a large scale and would also be stunning in a smaller-scale area, such as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

White Diamond Tiles

These diamond tiles are as eye-catching as you’d expect any diamond to be.

The tiles combine to create the look of three-dimensional cubes. Although the design utilizes only one color and tile shape, the result is as effective as an intricate mosaic — if not more. 

Click through to the next photo to see how the diamond and cubes works for a backsplash in addition to flooring.

Star and Rectangle Patterned Tile

These tiles may look like they’re different shapes at first glance, but they’re actually square tiles that create patterned shapes depending on the installation. Shown here, the tiles combine to create rectangles and four-pointed stars with rounded angles.

We love the simple yet bold shapes of this design, harmonized by the matte finish of soft white and muted green.

Terrazzo-look Tiles With a Geometric Pattern

A lot is going on in this design — shape, color, arrangement, and visual texture — but the different elements are unified by color scheme and repeated shapes to create a striking feature wall

These white, gray, and blue tiles are simple squares with unique geometric patterns and a terrazzo-bespeckled look that creates a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

This ceramic tile comes in different color options; click through to see how it looks when orange is used instead of blue.

Geometric Shapes & Pattern Play Combo

Here we have the ultimate in #WhyTileStyle inspiration — a design that combines both geometric shapes (hexagons) and pattern play. 

The common pastel colors used for the tiles keep this pattern-on-pattern from overwhelming, and the Art Deco-inspired patterns lend a whimsical charm to the design. A masterfully-planned installation capitalizes on the comforting feel of a seemingly random arrangement, a welcome vision for each guest of this cafe.

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