2020 CID Award Winner Spotlight: Christ Cathedral


At Coverings Connected in April 2020, we virtually honored 12 outstanding projects that demonstrated spectacular craftsmanship and creativity in the use of tile & stone. This week we’re putting the spotlight on the Commercial Stone Installation winner.

Commercial Stone Installation Winner

Christ Cathedral
Carnevale & Lohr, Inc.
Garden Grove, CA

Mixed with abundant natural light from the glass walls and ceiling, this stone interior has an almost “ethereal” look to it and stand as a testament to what is possible with natural stone. The beauty, durability and flexibility of natural stone as a building material are all evident on this project.

The task of re-inventing Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, California was led by a desire for a clean modern look with materials that would be fitting for a building of such importance. The scale of the project also required materials that would be durable and cost effective.


Natural limestone and marble were the clear choices. Four types of limestone and two types of marble were extensively used throughout the sprawling Sanctuary area.

The walls and cap surrounding the Sanctuary consist of 6,500 square feet of “Thala Gray” limestone from Tunisia, assembled in contiguous columns of various geometric shapes, each comprised of three pieces separated by 1/32” joints and meticulously matched for color and tone to achieve a monolithic look.

On the 18,000 square feet of Sanctuary floor, “Grigio Alpi” limestone from Italy makes up the majority, providing a pleasing natural background to the dark wood pews. “Fossil Grey” limestone from Turkey and “Jura Grey” limestone from Germany add accents to the paving around the Altar, and in the areas of the adoration chapel, main entrance, and baptismal font.

Finally transforming this building into a “Cathedral” are the ecclesiastical furniture pieces which are made from “Breccia Atlantic” marble from Turkey, and include a 14,000-pound altar with its top assembled into one solid piece using four 8” thick diamond matched panels, a cantilevered 7,000-pound Ambo assembled from 6” thick shaped panels, a cross shaped Baptismal Font, and an 11,000-pound Cathedra Chair framed by a wall of “ArabescatoCervaiole” marble from Italy.


Do you have a recently completed project that features innovative design and installation of tile & stone? Consider entering it to the 2021 CID Awards – the submission portal will open this fall.