2023 CID Award Winner Spotlight: Commercial Stone – Installation

95 STATE 1

Over the next few months, we’ll highlight the 7 projects that received a coveted 2023 Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Award. The CID Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the design and installation of tile & stone in both residential and commercial projects. Projects were evaluated on their execution, original usage, and overall design and purpose by a panel of industry experts, prominent editors, and leading designers. Check the Coverings blog every other week to learn about the 2023 winners and their imaginative and impeccable applications of tile & stone.

This week we’re spotlighting the incredible Commercial Stone – Installation winner.

Commercial Stone – Installation
95 State Street Lobby
Salt Lake City, UT 

Precision, innovation, and intensive collaboration were crucial in realizing the architect’s vision for the 95 State Street lobby. The 220’ long marble walls stretch over 40’ high and are the focal piece of Salt Lake City’s newest state-of-the-art high rise. Visible through the structure’s all-glass entrance, the modern and sleek stone achieves a continual linear veining pattern over concave and convex curvatures and recessed walls.

Vein alignment is consistent across courses and over corners and edges; concave cubic stone pieces were fabricated at an angle to maintain the pattern. (credit: Martin van Hemert)

Coordination began in August 2019, with team members traveling to China to review the originally selected stone. However, its random veining patterns proved difficult to achieve the architect’s design intent, so the stone was rejected. Forthcoming travel restrictions resulting from the global pandemic required that the team employ innovative coordination methods, including Zoom calls across continents and the use of drones, to preview alternate stones. The stone installer acted as liaison between the design team (architect, general contractor, and owner) and the stone team (stone consultant, supplier, fabricator, and shop drawing engineer) to ensure all parties were well-informed, despite the unprecedented conditions.

Each stone piece was handset utilizing templates and guides to ensure the tight, 1/4″ open joints were maintained. (credit: KEPCO+)

Over the summer of 2020, white marble was selected for the interior walls due to its consistent veining and striking contrast with the black granite flooring. Because the selected stone’s natural veining runs at a 15 to a 20-degree angle, advanced technology was used to photograph the blocks and generate 3-D sketches of the veining patterns throughout each block. Before cutting a single stone, these sketches and photos were used to determine the placement of each piece to ensure continuous vein alignment across courses.

Adding to the complexity of the planning and fabrication process were the varying piece sizes, with typical pieces being 2’6” x 4’ or 1’3” x 4’. Eight blocks were selected to meet the project specifications. The slabs were then fabricated so that pieces were butterflied and book matched.

Continuous vein alignment across corners and courses; wall joints align with the joints in the flooring (credit: Martin van Hemert)

Once the pieces were cut, entire wall sections were dry-laid in the fabricator’s facility and reviewed by architects via drone and video to review the veining pattern before shipping. Because each stone piece had an assigned location on the wall, the fabricator and installer implemented extreme care and coordination when moving, transporting, and installing the stone. If even one piece broke, it would impact the project’s overall design and veining pattern.

To prepare for shipping, the stones were vacuum sealed and double-crated with foam placed between the crates for additional protection. All pieces arrived from Italy intact. Approximately 8,900 sq. ft. of white marble and 13,000 sq. ft. of black granite were installed to create the impressive lobby design. Completed in December of 2021, this project is a testament to what can be accomplished through the trusting collaboration of stone professionals.


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