Alena Capra Announces Trend Predictions for Coverings 2016

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cameraFNumber (float): 8.000000
cameraFarClip (float): 1000.000000
cameraFarRange (float): 1000.000000
cameraFocalLength (float): 48.000000
cameraFov (float): 40.769039
cameraNearClip (float): 1.803508
cameraNearRange (float): 0.000000
cameraProjection (int): 0
cameraTargetDistance (float): 2.992978
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compression (compression): Zip16
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displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 4995, 3542]
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screenWindowWidth (float): 1.000000

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MM 10-11-12.R (float)
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It’s that time of the year again! As we near Coverings 2016, we’ve tapped Coverings Industry Ambassador Alena Capra to share the trends she’s excited about seeing on this year’s show floor, and she did not disappoint! From new shapes, to new textures and hues, 2016 is looking to be a great year for tile. Take a look at her guest post below, and let us know what you’re most looking forward to seeing this year by joining the conversation online @Coverings with #Coverings2016.

And don’t forget – Coverings is free to attend!

As a professional designer, I’ve found that staying on top of new products and trends – especially in the tile and stone industry – helps me provide the best options to my clients and keeps my designs fresh and up-to-date. It’s true that product selection (not to mention, installation) can really make or break a design.

Since the start of the year, I have been working with Tile of Spain, Ceramics of Italy, TCNA to learn about the new styles and designs their manufacturers are planning on bringing to Coverings 2016. Here are the new trends I’m predicting will grace the show floor this year in Chicago:

Trend 1: Brick Looks
With a nod to texture and classic shapes, I expect to see a number of brick-look tiles on the show floor this year. This includes everything from traditional brick-and-mortar looks to sleek and elongated linear brick tiles.


Trend 2: Blues and Aquas
Another trend I’m seeing this year is the resurgence of blues and aquas. I love blue because it can both be neutral and bold, and fits into all types of design aesthetics. Options range from a more traditional white and blue (inspired by historical styles) to beautiful bright aquas, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

Trend 3: Three Dimensional Walls
With recent innovations in production, three-dimensional accent walls in tile can now appear to be almost seamless. This year I’m seeing a lot of variety, including wavy and fragmented designs, as well as more geometric shapes. Sizes range from individual accent tiles to large format, and are available across glass, porcelain, ceramic, and wood porcelain.

Trend 4: Modern, Soft, and Neutral
This trend is popular among all elements of design this year, including textiles, paint and furniture. Light grays and taupe remain popular color selections throughout the home, and we’re seeing this palette in tile as well. For example, I’ve come across sandblasted woods in soft tones, fabric-like textures on natural elements like wood or stone, and watercolor effects in neutral tones.

Trend 5: Florals and Fabrics
This popular trend first emerged in 2015, and we’re seeing it evolve in 2016. New this year? Unique patterns such as chevrons, paisleys, and damasks on a variety of background and materials.  We’re also seeing wallpaper inspired textures, and fabric-like prints paired with other trends – like wood-look and blues.

What trend are you most looking forward to seeing on the show floor? Do you think I missed anything?