Becoming… green

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty miles an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”
~ C. S. Lewis (The Times of London ranked him eleventh on their list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945. Known for themes of common morality throughout humanity.)
We all have something to offer (and to gain) with regard to ‘green’ in our world. In late 2012, I released the book Becoming a Green Building Professional. This opportunity allowed me to interview over 300 people across the building industry for how their careers have evolved, as well as, tools and resources supporting their eco-path. This insight led to a unique perspective for Coverings 2013, with many voices contributing to tips and tricks to share.

In order to cast a vision for your company and your personal green career our discussion will look at where the commercial building market is headed. We’ll discuss the trends from the Living Building Challenge to the rapid international adoption of LEED. Then we will take a deeper dive into the new version of LEED V4 with a focus on the Materials & Resource category. We will look at relatively new concepts (to some) such as life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declarations (EPD), sourcing and disclosure of material ingredients. I’ve been fortunate to serve on the National USGBC Market Committee leadership enabling me to see the behind the scenes ‘reality TV’ of the making of the new version of LEED. As market transformative as LEED has historically been, this discussion may inform your future plans.

I am excited to share many resources and best practices during the Coverings 2013 session ‘Tips, Tricks & Landmines in the Field of Green’ including a free bonus e-chapter from the book Becoming a Green Building Professional not found in the hard copy version. See ya’ll soon in my hometown, Atlanta – land of Coke & peaches!

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Beyond speaking and consulting, Holley Henderson supports her eco-mission with leadership, development and education by serving as an advocate and volunteer for numerous groups.