Best Show Experience at Coverings 2015

This year’s Coverings Best Show Experience award honors Torrecid (booth 3216), who brought the skyline of New York City to Orlando with their penthouse inspired booth layout.

The space features a concept living room, dining area, bedroom and bathroom, each constructed to feature a range of stone and tile applications that showcase some of latest and most innovative solutions for manufacturers. The dining area highlights an oversized island with built-in storage. The bedroom showcases metallic decorative tiling to complement a sleek bed, and the sunken living area showcases beautiful wood grained tiling and picture windows created out of large format slabs.

The space is back-lit by a stunning panorama of a nighttime city skyline. The immersive space is truly a show stopper!
“It’s quite an amazing, innovative booth,” said Coverings attendee Christine Whittemore, Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now.  “I can’t imagine a better way to bring the solutions to life—there’s flooring, walls, and tiled surfaces including tables and furniture. What impressed me the most was the area that featured one tile the width of the room. I was blown away.”

Coverings extends a special congratulations to the Torrecid team for their stand out vision and truly impressive results!