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Celebrating the 2016 Best Booth Awards

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With exhibitors from more than 40 countries exhibiting at McCormick Place in Chicago, our judges had their work cut out for them in selecting the honorees for this year’s Best Booth Awards.

Exhibitors truly brought their best this year, with booths not only showing off the most cutting-edge products, but also displaying them in truly innovative ways. The winning booth designs truly created remarkable experiences for visitors – going beyond the architectural by activating the senses.

Here’s a look at the booths that made the biggest impression this year:

Sicis, Booth #2044, followed up last year’s showstopper by showcasing truly inspirational design, with elaborate and detailed mosaics that highlighted the potential of this format.

Torrecid, Booth #7718, demonstrated a unique capacity for storytelling, showcasing the product within a lifestyle-driven layout.

Antolini Luigi, Booth #4412, created an innovative interpretation utilizing beautiful marble mannequins within a retail concept.

Inalco, Booth #826, created a residential experience with an expansive, open user flow that welcomed attendees into their space.

Ornamenta, Booth #1645, showcased product through a unique jewel case concept, in which the booth opened and closed to create a fun, urban experience.