Coverings 2014 Conference Program: Beyond the Spa Bath: How ‘Luxury’ is the New Rule Rather Than the Exception

A luxurious Asian-inspired bath by Christopher Grubb. 
Our Coverings 2014 Speaker Blog Series continues with a guest post from internationally acclaimed Interior Designer Christopher Grubb.  

Once a completely utilitarian space that really didn’t garner much attention, the bathroom has evolved into a major focus of any project. Elaborate bath spaces with luxurious elements were once reserved for only the most glamorous spa retreats or custom homes. But the elements and materials contained in these sumptuous spaces have made their way into the desires of your everyday homeowner—an individual who now expects to find certain elements in a bath, no matter where that bath is located.
As these expectations for a luxurious bath experience have gone mainstream, the bathroom has become one of the most intricately designed and unique rooms in any project. Since consumers are so used to seeing elements and products that exude luxury, even designers of medical spaces and commercial projects are getting into the game. Gone are days of the banal subway tiled doctors office bathroom, containing little more than a porcelain wall sink, mirror, and toilet. Here to stay are indulgent materials like beautiful stone mosaics, sculpture-inspired faucetry, and furniture-like vanities.
This elevation of style has transformed the bathroom into one of the most lucrative rooms in any project. Residential bathrooms have become the second most popular remodel, right behind kitchens. And consumer demand for top quality materials and products now means bath project budgets range from $300 and $600 per square-foot! In fact, I noticed this increased focus on the bath in the requests of my own clients. This revelation was the inspiration behind The CG Collection, my signature line of furniture for the modern bath. The collection is offered through and aimed at those who want a “designer” product but don’t necessarily want the “custom” price tag that goes along with it.
So today, homeowners, caregivers, employers, and anyone with a bathroom are taking a second look at materials, finishes, and bath elements that are both functional and decorative. As an example, natural stone has been the number-one choice for surfacing material in the residential segment for some time. But businesses are catching on to the idea that incorporating marble and granite into the design concepts of restrooms can help create the “spa-like” atmosphere their employees, customers, and guests crave. They’re now aware that it’s the minute details like these that make a lasting impression and subtly speak volumes.
Want to know more about the unique details that consumers look for in a luxury bath? Join me at Coverings on April 29, 2014 at 12:30pm where you’ll learn more about how luxury bathrooms have gone mainstream and I’ll share some of my ideas on how to inject those elements into your projects, creating an unforgettable bath experience.

Christopher will present the “Luxury Appointments Elevate Bath Projects into Lucrative Profit Centers,” on Tuesday, April 29 from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM at the Las Vegas Convention Center during Coverings 2014. Click here for more information on his session and to view the full list of Coverings 2014 conference sessions. Don’t miss this session – register now for free to attend!