Coverings 2014 Conference Program: Turn Your Trash Into Cash

A project completed using scrap granite and the StoneCycler.
We’re kicking off our Coverings 2014 Speaker Blog Series with a guest post from John Tesh, the granite recycling trailblazer and creator of the innovative StoneCycler.

We created the granite recycling industry in 2006 when we perfected and patented the Stone Cycler for cutting scrap granite into different shapes using sonic energy and pressure.
In 2007, we launched a company that would research and develop marketing, installation and manufacturing practices for the Stone Cycler and the industry itself. We received our “Granite Recycling Center” status in 2010, which resulted in numerous grants and tax benefits. With this machinery, we are able to capture and reuse 70% of our waste granite and produce pavers, floor tile, backsplashes, and fire pits. Our demand outgrew our scrap and we soon were picking up granite from all of the fabricators in our area. As architects and landscape architects became familiar with our products, we started getting specified in Federal and State LEED projects as well as local residential and commercial projects all over our state.
We continued to perfect our machinery and in 2007 tapped GranQuartz to handle our national distribution. Due to increased demand from machinery owners, we created Realstone Recycling as a nationwide co-op to help with their marketing and sales of their recycled granite.

John Tesh gives a preview of his upcoming lecture at Coverings 2014.
Not only do our fabricators save thousands of tons of granite from the landfills a month, they can repurpose their scrap into a product they can easily sell. A single operator can easily produce two fire pits an hour and with our new double dies, they can produce 8-10 pavers a minute.
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John Tesh will present “Turn Your Trash Into Cash” on Tuesday, April 29 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in room S231 of the Las Vegas Convention Center during Coverings 2014. Click here for more information on John’s session and to view the full list of Coverings 2014 conference sessions.