Coverings 2015 exhibitors showcase tile trends with innovation, ingenuity and design

Across the show floor brimming with thousands of new product introductions, exhibitors at Coverings 2015 showcased the latest and most remarkable trends in tile and stone. There was no shortage of innovation at this year’s show, and we had an amazing time venturing through the show floor looking for standout design trends. Take a look at what we found, and let us know what trends you’re seeing in tile and stone:  
Plays with Geometric Form
Following in the path of the ubiquitous square and rectangle, the hexagon has firmly established itself as the tile shape de rigueur. A far cry from traditional hexagonal tiling, this new wave includes micro and macro sizes, rhombile tiling effects, irregular cutouts, and multiple dimensions that yield depth and complexity. Lunada Bay displayed a three-dimensional approach to the trending hexagon, most notably in its Crest line of hexagon ceramic tiles—named after the highest point of a wave, each tile is slightly raised in the center, creating a visual display that plays with light and shadow. 
   Lunada Bay – Crest
Pop and Contemporary Art 
Sometimes walls are not just backdrop for art—they are the art. Several exhibitors wowed attendees with tile featuring designs of pop art and contemporary culture. Ceramiche Ascot presented Game of Fifteen, a new tile series dedicated to the work of 15 contemporary artists. The first Game of Fifteen collection showcases designs of pop art master Keith Haring with 13 individual patterns and one larger composition.
   Ceramiche Ascot – Game of Fifteen with Keith Haring
Mirrored and Metallic
This year also saw a bevy of decorative tile with mirrored and reflective metallic surfaces. Dialing up the glitz factor was the Borja Regina collection, which dazzled with angular facets reflecting light to create a glittering effect on the wall. The tiles are available in either a gold or silver finish.
   Borja – Regina
Industrial Inspiration
The increasingly popular industrial look of steel and concrete, rusting and fading continued to reign. Crossville shined the spotlight on Laminam—large-format, real porcelain panels that can skim both floors and walls. Among the collection’s most impressive finishes was Oxide, which gives the appearance of oxidized metal. Providing another option in the industrial style was Tau, which promoted its Bayon collection that mimics the look of cement.
   Tau – Bayon
New Frontiers of the Wood Look
Tile resembling wood continues to diversify in its variety, with many exhibitors leveraging new innovations to produce tile that not only looks, but also feels like wood with dimension, textured knots, distress marks, and details typical of hand-scraped woods. ABK Group showcased its Dolphin collection of wood-look porcelain panels, which were praised not only for their aesthetics, but also for their exclusive new auto-leveling installation technology that essentially eliminates the need for leveling spacers, joints and glue.
   ABK Group – Dolphin
Stone Look-Alikes
Technology continues to up the ante with digital printing and manufacturing processes that enable tile to achieve the look and feel of natural stone, ranging from luxurious white marble and creamy travertine to the rich hues of semi-precious stones. One of the most impressive: Stonepeak Ceramics showcased Arabescato Vena, one of the six new colors from the Plane collection—seen at the show in 5’x10’ large porcelain panels. The company’s display of Plane illustrated “book matching,” which aligns the veining of neighboring panels to create an attractive mirror effect.  
   Stonepeak Ceramics – Arabescato Vena
 Movement and Motion
Exhibitors also proved that tile can create dynamic looks as several exhibitors showcased tile with raised surfaces in swooping, wave-like designs.  Vallelunga & Co. evoked nature with the Foussana “River” and “Ambra” patterns—both designed to add a sense of movement to a space while still maintaining a minimalist sophistication. Mother Nature’s inspiration continued with Saloni’s Vantage Drip, which features a sensuous, waterfall-like design on a white-body tile.
   Saloni – Vantage Drip
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