Design and Process with the Five-Star Resort Bathroom Team


The Coverings Installation & Design Showcase returned in 2015 with a bang. This year, four unique bath designs came to life representing different market segments.

One of the most eye-catching designs this year was the Five-Star Resort Bath, which was designed and installed by the David Allen Company. We spoke with Cameron Proctor, Project Manager at the David Allen Company, and John Cox, President of Cox Tile, on the design, process, and what he learned at this year’s Installation & Design Showcase:

Q: Can you walk us through the inspiration behind the design for the Five-Star Resort Bathroom?
Cameron Proctor: We took several considerations into account when designing our space. Most importantly, we wanted to showcase a variety Florim’s products by using several different sizes and colors from the series they had selected for use. To accommodate the best experience for the conference attendees, we wanted to create an open space that allowed all areas of our workspace to be clearly viewed. Finally, we wanted to find ways to showcase the skill of our installers, so we mitered all our outside corners, which provided a seamless appearance as the tiles wrapped around the space.

John Cox: Cameron was awesome to work with, as we combined thoughts and processes in bringing everything together. Patricia Richey from tvsdesign [who was involved in another Showcase space] helped put the final touches on project. She graciously took time to go shopping and put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a very fulfilling space. It was a pleasure working with Cameron and Marcus from David Allen Company.

Q: Tell us about the products you used in this space, and how they contributed to the overall design concept?
John Cox: The motif was a beach house or outdoor cottage. The combinations of colors and patterns were brought together to give a prospective owner a relaxing but very rich design. Everything was coordinated with a flow to complement each size and color. The Tileware Products with the foot stoop and shampoo shelves added flair with coordinating colors with the plumbing fixtures.

Cameron Proctor: Florim recommended two series of products for our team to use: Mansion, a line inspired blend an elegant contrast between contemporary style and the elegance of stone, and Charleston, which offers a distressed wood appearance to create a shabby chic style.

Mansion “Ivory” was used as the field color on the floors and countertops for the toilet/vanity areas in sizes 18”x18” & 24”x24” and “Mud” was used on the floors in the shower area in a 2”x2” Mosaic. Charleston “White” was used for the walls and bench in the shower, and “Gray” was used on the walls in the vanity/toilet area. The “Multi Color” Charleston ran vertically on the wall wainscoting and as accent rug pattern on the floor. We pulled dark brown pieces from the “Multi Color” tiles to create the appearance of walnut chair rails and door casings.

Q: Were there any challenges you came across in designing this space and installing this space? Anything that was easier than you anticipated?
Cameron Proctor: This was the first Coverings Showcase design fully designed by the installing contractor, so the biggest challenge was stepping out of our comfort zone as contractors to embrace wearing the unfamiliar hat of being a designer. We didn’t want to take the easy road or just take on a tough installation that used cool looking tile. John and I put a lot of time and thought into how we were going to lay out the features of the room to make a functional space that utilized the different products in a design that tied the room together.

John Cox: The early and thorough planning made the installation pleasurable with very few hiccups. We can’t reiterate enough how helpful Patricia Richey was in helping to select the final finishes and putting a “designer’s touch” to the completion of the space.

Q: What will you take away from this process in projects moving forward?
Cameron Proctor: The biggest takeaway I have is a newfound appreciation for the work and thought that goes into the design of a room. As contractors, we are often critical of designers and the ways they use tile products to achieve a particular look because of the challenges it can create for our installation. But we’re typically only looking at it from our side of the fence, and it was very eye opening to be a part of all the work and challenges that go into creating the space, rather than just installing its components.

John Cox:  It was very satisfying to have the opportunity to work with the participants of the entire showcase, and one of my largest takeaways are the relationships that have been fostered. We may not see each other for some time – or may not ever cross paths again – but the memories and respect for one another is life-long. I truly believe we are in the relationship business. There is no doubt this probably was one of the more challenging vignettes to date, but it proves that with a lot of great minds and determination nothing is insurmountable. I am blessed to have been a small part in this unforgettable experience.