Final UNLV tiled benches revealed at Coverings 2014

UNLV School of Architecture student Logan Ziegler with Interior Design magazine’s Selina Yee and Carol Cisco on his bench at the UNLV Tiled Bench reception on April 29 at Coverings 2014.
One of the highlights of Coverings this year was the incredible series of tiled benches on display at the show. Each one was crafted by a UNLV School of Architecture student, and was built throughout the Winter/Spring Semester in a class entitled “Mediations on Making – Exploring Furniture Design” under the tutelage of Professor Jonathon Anderson. The course instructed students on how to design and tile the benches.
As part of their display at Coverings, the benches were part of a silent auction to benefit the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation and UNLV. The generous winners were announced at the Coverings 25th Anniversary Party at the Hyde Bellagio on April 30. They are as follows:

“Weave Bench” by Andres Diaz was purchased by Suzy Saline

“Equipoise” by Andrew Martin was purchased by Suzy Saline
“Interstice” by Logan Ziegler was purchased by Suzy Saline
“Strada/Mod Bench” by Arely Lopez was purchased by Robert Harar

“Desert Plateau” by Brenda Tena was purchased by Sean Smith (ProSpec)

“Binoc” by John Gassaway was purchased by Sean Smith (ProSpec)

“Mesa” by Jamie Mitchell
We express our gratitude to Jonathon Anderson and his students for creating such beautiful benches, the winners for supporting CTEF and UNLV, and all of our generous sponsors for helping make this program a reality: