Joe LaFauci – Coverings Rock Star 2018


by: Joe LaFauci, LaFauci Tile

With over 15 years of experience in the tile industry, I have acquired a vast knowledge of proper tile usage and techniques to start tile projects on the right track. I take on each project as if it were my own, from selecting tiles, to patterns and designs, all the way down to the final details of grout. They all matter and make a difference in every project.

Over the years, my projects have varied from major hotels, small backsplashes, first time homeowners, to people with endless budgets. My favorite projects, though, are the ones where I get to connect directly with the customer.

One significant customer who comes to mind was a mother of three who recently lost her husband and was going through a major kitchen renovation. We began the project by selecting the materials for the floor and backsplash and I could see that she was overwhelmed with all the choices and making all the decisions on her own. However, after about 30 minutes of conversation she started to relax and by the end of our meeting her demeanor had changed from stress to excitement. She was so excited that she wanted to give me a hug for helping her throughout the process. It wasn’t my largest project but it was a project I will never forget.  Her experience is what I hope for with all of my clients and I consider it a privilege to work with clients especially with the amount of competition around.

Being selected as a Coverings Rock Star means a lot to me as an individual and as a company. It means the hard work that I have put in over the past 8 years in a family run business is starting to show in the industry.  Being recognized by my peers is the ultimate compliment. The passion, knowledge and opportunity that were given to me by my father are a direct correlation to why I was able to win this award. Without the foundation he provided for me this would have been almost impossible.

I look forward to continue working in the industry in positive manner and hopefully make a difference.