Join Tile of Spain USA at Coverings 2018

Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers, is excited to be part of Coverings 2018.

Visitors to the Spanish Pavilion will witness some of the most advanced ceramic tile technology and breathtaking design choices the world has to offer from 85 Spanish ceramic and stone manufacturers. Explore the company exhibits to experience the unsurpassed beauty, quality, durability and versatility of Tile of Spain’s innovative offerings.

The Tile of Spain booth, #3718 in the center of the pavilion, will feature educational seminars and video presentations, including award-winning architectural and design projects and an overview of Tile of Spain manufacturers’ achievements.

Tile of Spain

Presentations in the Spanish Pavilion (Booth #3718) include:

Augmented Reality – Ceramic Trends 2018
Wednesday, May 9, 12:45pm
Thursday, May 10, 12:00pm

When we think of trends, the tendency is to think macro– big picture. What sizes, designs and colors are trending this year? But that’s only one side of the story with a rapidly innovating industry. As we move into a mature phase of digital technology the colors and designs we use in ceramics this year is only the prelude; the really interesting things that are happening in ceramic design are the seemingly small augmentations that enhance the whole so much more than can be imagined. In a world where we can print any picture we want on a tile, how do you differentiate your tile from the competition – how do we make our products unique and harder to be value-engineered?

Join us at the Tile of Spain pavilion as we explore the macro trends and then dig deep into the broad array of micro tools that creative directors can employ today to create the most effective and layered looks the world of ceramics have ever seen. Purchasers, sales-people, specifiers and end-users alike should all find valuable take-aways from this session as you become a sommelier of tile with us by learning to distinguish the multiple layers of modern design and production techniques in ceramics.

Optimal Approach to 2018 Ceramics: The Building System
Tuesday, May 8, 12:00pm and 2:00pm
Thursday, May 10, 2:00pm
Friday, May 11, 12:00pm

Tile formats continue to broaden the array of options and suitable applications for tile. Many of these new formats can add significantly to a building’s overall performance, resource efficiency strategy, occupant health and safety, lowered operating and maintenance costs and overall lifespan/sustainability of the property – but only if the decision to use tile for a given area or purpose is made during the preliminary/structural design stages. Further installation costs, prep-work requirements and even the suitability of the intended product for the task are becoming more and more dependent on proper space configuration, construction methods and spatial dimensions so early selection of tile is key to adoption rates.

Join us at the Tile of Spain pavilion in this session to reveal some key tips and tricks to getting the most out of tile in your buildings today. As a supplement to the conference session “Skin vs. System” we will explore sales channels, specification practices & material selection models that can make tile the use of tile single most important and impactful aspect of your next project.

Talk to the Expert
Tile of Spain will host an extended Happy Hour on Tuesday, May 8 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. During the happy hour we’ll hold a special session with an opportunity to “Talk to the Expert”about tile specification, trends and more.

Once again, ASCER, the Professional Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers from Spain, and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment organize the 2018 Spain Pavilion. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit

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