Our favorite winners from the Architizer A+Awards

Earlier this month we celebrated amazing projects in tile and stone during the annual CID Awards at Coverings 2015. Since we’re always looking for interesting and innovative uses of tile and stone, we looked to Architizer and their third annual A+Awards. The Architizer A+Awards are the definitive global architecture award program that features over 90 categories with over 300 judges. Winners were recently announced, and we took the opportunity to highlight our favorite projects to share with the Coverings community. Be sure to check out the full list of projects on Architizer’s website!

Name: The Compact Karst House
Firm: dekleva gregoric architects
Location: Vrhovlje, Slovenia
Category: Private House (XS
Why We Love It: This little stone house has a traditional aesthetic while suiting the needs of a young modern family with contemporary technological principals. It settles nicely into the environment around the home and despite being modeled after a traditional design, is surprisingly contemporary. 

Name: BV House
Firm: Jacobsen Arquitetura
Location: Porto Feliz, Brazil
Category: Private House (XL >3000 sq feet)
Why We Love It: The use of large-scale dramatic stone walls perfectly blend the outdoors and in to create a seamless living experience. The open concept of the home lends itself perfectly to living harmoniously with the elements. Needless to say, we’d love to live here.

Name: Soho Fuxing Plaza Shopping sMall
Firm: AIM Architecture
Location: Shanghai, China
Category: Shopping Center
Why We Love It: This gawk-worthy shopping plaza caught our eye because of the grand use of marble. The design is timeless and monochromatic, and the architecture firm worked to make this space an experience. The design and lighting lend itself more to an upscale modern home than a

Name: Kaleidoscope Kindergarten
Firm: A2arquitectos
Location: Porto Cristo, Spain
Category: Elementary School
Why We Love It: What’s there not to love? Inspired by a Kaleidoscope, this space is bright, fun, and fit for the young minds that play within it. The firm did an incredible job of incorporating color, light, and playful shapes into this design.

Name: San Francisco International Airport, Boarding Area E
Firm: Gensler
Location: San Francisco, CA
Category: Airports
Why We Love It: Air travel can be stressful, which is exactly why we love this zen boarding area at the San Francisco International Airport. The space incorporates innovative design, interactive technology, and a healthy environment that helps travelers relax and actually enjoy their time in the airport. Added plus: there’s a yoga room!