PROVA PAN® – Not Your Average Shower Pan


Guest Blog Post By: M-D PRO

Made of expanded polystyrene foam surrounding a drain hole, PROVA PAN® may seem like any other prefabricated shower pan—high in density, light in weight, and manufactured to resist mold growth—but there’s much more to it than that. Whether you’re an installer, sales professional, designer, distributor, or retailer, there is something unique and advantageous about PROVA PAN for you.

1. Innovation

The most defining feature of PROVA PAN® is its modularity; it can be extended to any size and customized to any layout using the PROVA UNIVERSAL EXTENSION KIT®. The extensions are made of the same EPS foam material as the pan, and there’s no limit to how many you can combine to achieve the most unique design goals, including building shower floors around corners.


A typical shower pan has you extending it with a traditional mortar bed, but if you’re installing a shower with prefabricated components, achieving a perfect slope throughout for drainage, why wouldn’t you want to extend the even slope with the same materials? Combining a mud bed with a prefabricated pan would be like working on a project with precision tools and halfway through deciding you’ll just eyeball the rest. Good luck to you. A PROVA PAN system paired with extensions will not only save you time, but you will produce an exact slope, with far less skill mind you, every time!

Imagine a world where your design possibilities are endless. Sure, you have your main drain location with the base pan that needs pre-planning, but what if you could change and configure different pan sizes and layout options right before your eyes, on the spot? And that brings us to the second point.

2. Flexibility

If you’re looking at building out a fancy shower system with large walls, wide benches, and spacious niches, PROVA PAN® has you covered. That’s what makes it so innovative—you can build out systems to your heart’s content. But what if you are looking to install a shower system more commonly found in condos, homes, or large multi-family developments? These shower spaces are narrow and limit your range of motion, making it especially frustrating to get down on your knees and install a rigid pan. Well, that’s where the flexibility of PROVA PAN comes into play. PROVA PAN overcomes these issues and is much more manageable because it has a compact footprint and comes in four pieces that slot together like puzzle pieces. This makes it effortless to drop and lock each piece in place, an incredible source of time savings when it comes to installing multiple systems a day.


The last thing you want to be doing is playing a game of Tetris on your shower floor, trying to force awkwardly shaped and poorly fitting pan sections in place. With PROVA PAN, you are in control of the pieces you need. They are small to start so you can easily assemble them around your shower drainage area and extend the pan system afterwards to match your full shower layout.  

3. Value

With all the flexibility and innovations offered by PROVA PAN®, you may think its premium features have a matching cost. That’s not the case, and in fact there are other ways PROVA PAN saves you money apart from the price itself: consider the time it takes to install a mortar bed, the material costs, and the wide margin of error. All of these downsides are eliminated when choosing PROVA PAN for your shower system. For installers, it is undeniably a safe bet.


But there’s more to the value proposition than just that, and this one’s for the distributors and retailers alike. The ability to increase the size and change the layout of PROVA PAN endlessly means there’s no need to stock multiple SKUs to accommodate multiple sizes of shower pans. With only three SKUs, PROVA PAN can accomplish what would typically require an endless number of them: one for PROVA PAN with a centered drain hole, one for PROVA PAN with an offset drain hole, and one for the extension kits. That’s just three SKUs! By maximizing the layout options that can be constructed, PROVA PAN and its low SKU count cuts down on storage space requirements and excessive product waste while also making it intuitive for installers planning a project.

There you have it: three reasons PROVA PAN® is unlike any other shower pan. You’ve read about it—now it’s time to see it in action! Join us for an informative presentation on the TCNA Installation Innovation stage at Coverings 2024.

  • April 22nd at 3:30 PM
  • April 23rd at 10:10 AM

You’ll have the pleasure of meeting Mark “the Cowboy” Derr and Duane “the Canuck” Farley, as the duo show you how you can achieve any shower, any size, any time using the PROVA PAN system. Plus, they’ll give you the inside scoop on new PROVA products, including innovative shower base solutions, professional shower accessories and tile finishing solutions. See you there!

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