Session Spotlight: How to Maximize your Online Marketing Presence


Two Industry Leaders Come Together to Present Marketing Seminar at Coverings

Lisbeth Calandrino, associate publisher of Fabulous Floors Magazine and business strategist for Follow Your Customer, and Irene Williams, owner/principal of Msg2Mkt, LLC, a digital marketing and PR firm focused on the interior products industry, are joining forces to lead “How to Maximize Your Online Marketing Presence” at Coverings 2016 in Chicago. This hour-long session is designed to offer attendees practical ideas to more effectively prioritize and converge their marketing strategies for measurable success in attracting and inspiring action from customers.

Both Lisbeth and Irene have much experience in the flooring and tile industries, coming from unique, professional vantage points. For this session, the two will offer actionable insights on how to use digital and social media marketing in tandem with email campaigns and other, more ‘traditional’ selling strategies to meaningfully connect with target customer bases.

Irene, who represents national brands such as Crossville, Inc. and founded @TileTuesday, an Instagram account with more than 14,000 followers, will give the “how, when, and why” on using select social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Houzz, as well as company websites and blogs to make businesses more findable by consumers. These strategies will dovetail into Lisbeth’s focus on “How to Make Your Email Marketing Pay Off,” in addition to a top-level look at how solid selling tactics can close deals when all efforts work together.

Lisbeth shares how she and Irene first connected. “In 2009, I interviewed Irene Williams about a custom mobile app she developed based on QR code technology—an app that was licensed by Crossville. It was extremely innovative at the time and definitely added another dimension to Crossville’s brand awareness. Irene brought with her a breath of fresh air to our industry. Though she’s been in the biz a long while, she launched her own venture 7 years ago, focusing on digital, social, and mobile marketing. When it came time to submit a topic for Coverings, I called Irene and asked if she would be interested in co-hosting it with me because I knew we could provide a good balance of ideas and insights between us. Our topic was accepted for the show, and now we’re off and running!”

“I have been consulting in the flooring industry for over 20 years,” continues Lisbeth, “and despite what I know, I’m aware my experience in the flooring industry but where do you go to learn new things? You look for people with different skills and ideas. You’ve heard ‘one plus one makes two,’ actually one plus one makes three. It gives you an entirely different perspective.”

“I’m excited to present alongside the venerable Lisbeth—so respected in this industry and beyond. As focused as I am on the latest tools for selling, I also respect that even the most grassroots, traditional tactics have their place and can bear great results. It takes a blend to reach customers today, cut through the clutter of messaging, and build relationships that result in sales.”

Make plans to attend “How to Maximize Your Online Marketing Presence” on April 18th from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in room S103ABC. Register for Coverings today to attend!