Sponsored Exhibitor Spotlight – Apollo Stone Imports: Best-selling stones from the service leader

Fads come and go, but the classics in natural stone are perennial best-sellers. At Apollo Stone, we offer all of them. And we’ll be showing them at Coverings 2015. In one booth—658—you’ll see every color of marble available from the fabled mountains of Greece.

Consistent supply of Thassos mosaics in all sizes
The Enduring Appeal of White
Designers and architects increasingly specify white stone, because it has the clean, crisp look that brightens any space. Maybe that’s why our Thassos Snow White flies off the shelves. In fact, we ship Thassos continuously. Why? With its uniform color, it’s great for both small and large spaces. The lack of veining also makes it a popular choice for mosaics and 3” x 6” Broadway tiles. Here’s why Apollo Stone is your most reliable source:

One of our factories produces only Thassos Snow White. We are a major supplier of 3/8” tiles to the U.S. market.
To provide such a large volume of Thassos with consistent quality, our factory cuts many blocks continually. So you’ll always get top quality, whether you order 2cm slabs or 12” x 12”, 12” x 24”, or 18” x 18” tiles.
You can get orders quickly because our factory procures significant quantities from the quarry.

Consistent supply of Thassos Snow White slabs and tiles
From Ancient Greece to Television’s Housewives of Orange County
Another classic white we’ll show at Coverings, Pentelikon, graced the columns and interior of the Parthenon. Our Stellar White and Windsor White are also popular today. A sleek gray, Trizina Silver, was chosen for TV’s Housewives set. It’s only one of the beautiful grays we sell so often. Others include Nautilus Gray, French Lavender, Monterrey Gray, Oceanus Gray, Martino Gray, and Sorrento Gray. We also offer a complete line of earth tones and other popular colors.

Stellar White 12×24” tiles are part of Apollo Stone’s regular production
What’s the Best Way to Order Natural Stone?The most important consideration when ordering stone is to select a supplier with a reputation for consistent quality and on-time delivery. You also want to avoid defective product taking up space in your warehouse. And you need to be able to rely on production with precision cutting and finishing expertise.

Apollo Stone’s Corinthian Beige was chosen for Burberry’s stores worldwide
When it comes to customer service, Apollo Stone is the gold standard. We have helped distributors throughout the U.S. increase their profitability for more than 20 years. We even offer mixed containers to lower inventory. Based in San Rafael, California, we import slabs and standard or custom stone tiles in the most popular colors, finishes, and cuts. Every order is personally supervised by the company president, Dimitri Charalambous, a California resident and native of Atalanti, Greece. Our skilled production staff and long-term relationships with multiple factories give you continued availability and first-pick quality. So if you need natural stone faster, better, or in special sizes, trust Apollo Stone Imports to deliver premier quality, on time, every time.

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