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Stone and Tile Trends: Outdoor Spaces

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Summer weather is ideal for entertaining outside and using tile and stone in outdoor spaces elevates any design, adding personality and charm. Tile and stone require minimal care, are durable materials that stand through the entertaining season, and offer several looks that cater to any style. Two trends that stand out in the 2017 season are patterned tile that add dimension and color, and rustic stone on accent walls and patio spaces.

Patterned Tile

This year, patterned tile in exterior spaces is trending. Big or small, these symmetrical designs make patios and outdoors spaces appear open, interesting and personal. Most of the tile patterns we are seeing are symmetrical, with a reoccurring pattern in a unique shape. Another trend within patterned tile is to a Mediterranean style. This look brings warmth outdoors and creates visually stunning spaces. This example from Apartment Therapy is an example of a unique dining space that makes a statement.

Rustic Stone

Rustic stone has been making a comeback with more designs featuring natural color palettes and incorporating greenery that draw the eye in. As stone is a versatile and durable material, using it around pools and on patios ensures a long lasting alternative to softer materials. We are seeing stone expand past traditional larger slabs to smaller and intriguing shapes that make the perfect base for the addition of furniture and décor pieces similar to this example from Elle Décor.