Tile Heritage celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Tile Heritage has been collecting and disseminating information about American tile history, both past and present, for the past twenty-five years. The evolution of this preservation and conservation effort continues to be both dynamic and affirming. To provide an avenue for the tile industry to honor its own history has always been a key aspect of our mission. To provide a living, accessible archive into the future is our long-term goal.
In the mid-1990s, the Foundation established a presence on the web providing access for an ever-increasing audience to a wealth of tile-related information and useful resources. The website,, enhances the visibility of our members with its popular Member Tile Gallery and complements our published materials that includes ‘E-News’ that appears on the website. Member support makes this all possible.
In our ever-changing world of technological advances the Foundation’s mission, to preserve tiles and tile making, continues to be imperative. We are challenged to preserve the history of the ways of the past and integrate and document the ways of the present?history in the making! Keeping the craft alive is a responsibility that all of us have embraced. The generous support of our members and sponsors provides the impetus for us to continue our efforts and for other colleagues in the field to join in and become partners as well. The partnership we are engaging in enhances the industry by promoting the craft, disseminating information about tile work in the United States to a worldwide audience.

We appreciate the generous support that Coverings gives to Tile Heritage as a Co-Sponsor of the annual exposition. The show provides a platform for the industry to connect with its historic roots. In addition, this venue, where Tile Heritage is hosted by TCNA, reinforces the strong partnership that has evolved with our members and Tile Industry Sponsors, who together assist in nurturing the THF Mission. Importantly, Tile Heritage honors and records the U.S. tile industry for posterity–its artistry, its craft and its significant installations. Tile Heritage Foundation’s visibility at Coverings each year makes this possible.
Now in its 25th year, Tile Heritage has many people to thank for its continued stability and growing resources. Serving the tile industry and the public with information and counsel regarding historical and preservation issues has been an enriching experience for our founders, Sheila Menzies and Joseph Taylor, one that they look forward to continuing into the foreseeable future.
For an in-depth, recent interview with Sheila and Joe at Tile Heritage hosted by CTDA for Tile Dealer Magazine, visit: Members Sustain THF – Join today!