How to Get Tile and Stone Specifications Working with Architects


Guest Blog Post By: University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS)

If you are an architectural sales representative or even aspiring to be one, it is important to understand some professional sales steps in getting your products specified.  After you’ve identified specifiers and projects to target, and maybe even developed some key relationships, understanding the sales process is critical to maximizing your opportunity for success. Sign up for the UofCTS live course at Coverings in April. #Coverings2024 #UofCTS 


You can expect to learn some of these key steps to following a specification:

  1. Find and Qualify the Opportunity
    • The First step in the Sales Process Flow is to simply identify and qualify the opportunity.
  2. Develop the Specification and Provide a Proposal
    • The Second step in the Sales Process Flow is to develop the specification with the Architect or Designer providing product insight for the intended application.
  3. Identify All the Players in a Project
    • The Third step in the Sales Process Flow is to make sure and understand who is involved in the project.
  4. Follow up and Follow Through – Ask for the Order
    • The Last step in the Sales Process Flow is the most important: Follow up, Follow Through, and Ask for the Order.


It is equally important to track the specifications to the point of getting the order. Throughout this entire process, the consistent follow up and follow through will ensure that you are in the best position to get the order. Of course there are other key aspects to getting specifications. Look out for more blogs coming soon!

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