The Top Coverings Connected Articles From 2021


Coverings’ complimentary monthly e-Newsletter – Coverings Connected – provides the tile & stone industry the latest news and trends throughout the year. As 2021 draws to a close, we wanted to share with you the most accessed (clicked) stories featured in Coverings Connected this year. It should come as no surprise that as the pandemic continued throughout 2021, that the number one story showcased outdoor living.

Here are the top 10 stories from 2021:


10. Tile Color Inspiration Room by Room (, October)

Searching for a tile color for your space? With so many attractive tile colors to choose from, settling on the perfect one can be a challenge. While the right tile color for you depends on many factors, including your personal aesthetic and the size of your space, your first consideration should be the function of the room you plan on tiling.

>>Color Code

9. Tile Trends and Rising Stars From Coverings 2021 (, July)

In the weeks preceding Coverings 2021, we explored trending tile styles that we highly anticipated seeing in-person at the show: large hexagon tile, assorted aggregates (terrazzo) tile, green tile, XXL tile, and biophilic styles. Instagram style influencers did not disappoint with sneak peeks at what were indeed this year’s hottest trends on the show floor.

>>Tile Styles

8. Check Out the Coverings 2021 Best Booth Award Winners! (, July)

Year after year, attendees are wowed by the creativity and innovation exhibitors bring to Coverings, not only through their talents in manufacturing tile & stone products, but also through the beautiful booth designs they present on the show floor. All exhibits this year are noteworthy – especially with the challenges a global pandemic can present – however, Coverings is honored to present four outstanding booth displays as 2021 Best Booth Award winners.


7. An Examination of 2021 Macro Tile Trends (Tile of Spain, April)

Earlier this year, Spanish tile manufactures released new collections of ceramic pieces that would help to define the upcoming micro tile trends of 2021. We’re now taking a look at the bigger picture and diving into the macro trends that will define ceramic designs this year.

>>Big Picture

6. Open Shelving Tile Backsplashes and Tile Walls: Explore Your Options (, January)

Open shelving is one of the hottest storage trends, allowing you to show off your books, collections, beautiful dishes, canister sets, plants, and more. And, when paired with your favorite backsplash tile design, open shelving can make an even greater design impact. If the idea of ceramic tile with open shelving intrigues you, you’ve come to the right place.

>>Shelf Help

5. Ceramic Tile Shopping Guide (, September)

Shopping for ceramic tile? You have many different options, so we’ve put together this shopping guide to walk you through both the fun and the important considerations.

>>Shop ‘Til(e) You Drop

4. Excavations Reveal Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Beneath Italian Vineyard (, March)

Excavations have uncovered an intricate Roman mosaic floor a few meters underneath a vineyard in northern Italy. Traces of an ancient Roman villa were first discovered near the town of Negrar di Valpolicella nearly a century ago in 1922. Attempts to uncover the villa continued over the decades, with a new round of excavations beginning in the summer of 2019.

>>Dig Deep

3. Tile of Spain Manufacturers Present Top Micro-Trends That Will Shape Architectural and Interior Design in 2021 (Tile of Spain, March)

This year, Spanish tile manufacturers worked harder than ever to craft new ranges of ceramics to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving landscape of interior and exterior design. With a hyperaware focus on creating collections that foster safe and sustainable environments, manufacturers utilized production techniques that fuse the functional qualities of ceramic materials with the versatility of graphic design.

>>Tile Style

2. 2021 Tile Trends Announced (, February)

Alena Capra, Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer and Coverings spokesperson, collaborated with Coverings’ sponsors to gather and forecast the top 10 tile trends for 2021, to celebrate National Tile Day and highlight the key benefits and applications of ceramic tile. These benefits include the material’s durability, sustainability, safety, versatility, affordability, aesthetic appeal, and hygienic traits. The trends were presented on Tuesday, February 23 during Coverings Connected.

>>New Year, New Trends

1. Using Porcelain and Ceramic Tile in Outdoor Kitchens (, August)

Outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity as a way to create more living space outdoors and to better enjoy the beauty of nature. Nature’s not the only beautiful thing to look at in an outdoor kitchen — with stunning porcelain and ceramic tile options, you can create an outdoor kitchen that will rival any area inside or outside of your home.

>>The Great Outdoors


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