Tune In: The CEO Podcast


The Podcast Studio was back by popular demand for Coverings 2023! Featuring a robust lineup of tile & stone industry podcasters, episodes were recorded live onsite. Attendees were able to listen in live onsite, and you can tune in now to hear the episode from The CEO Podcast that was created at Coverings 2023.

The CEO Podcast
Maximize Potential, Mitigate Risk: How are you Strategically Planning and Forecasting in an Uncertain Economy?
Scott De Long, Ph.D., and Vince Moiso, MBA
Guests: Bob Leahy

In this episode, live from the Coverings 2023 tradeshow in Orlando, FL, Scott and Vince welcome Bob Leahy, an experienced business leader who provides valuable insights on how to navigate your business through economic uncertainty and a recession. Together, Bob and our hosts share their extensive knowledge of how businesses can sustain their workforce during tough economic times and highlight the importance of maintaining cash flows and keeping healthy relationships with employees.

The conversation delves into the challenges of a recession, such as reduced consumer spending and economic downturn, and how businesses can prepare for and mitigate the impact of such challenges. The hosts share their own experiences of navigating economic downturns and how they approached difficult decisions in their businesses.

The discussion also covers the importance of innovation and adaptation in times of uncertainty, and how businesses can identify new opportunities to pivot and adapt their strategies to stay afloat. Bob provides practical advice on how to assess risks and opportunities during economic uncertainty. The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and staying focused on the long-term goals of the business.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for business owners and entrepreneurs on how to navigate economic uncertainty and a recession. The extensive knowledge and experience shared in this episode make it a must-listen for anyone looking to sustain their business during tough times.

Thank you for following along as we shared and celebrated the talented podcasters who produced amazing content at Coverings. To view all the podcasts in one spot, please view the Coverings Podcast Studio page.

About The CEO Podcast:
Entrepreneurs and business leaders Scott De Long, Ph.D., and Vine Moiso, MBA, get together for this weekly podcast series to share their experiences and discuss the important current issues facing executives, entrepreneurs, and their leadership teams.

Their weekly topics will touch on everything from business leadership to entrepreneurship to employee development, management engagement and retention, strategic planning, coping with the new post-COID, office environment and challenges, and much, much more.