Installation & Fabrication​​

No matter your role, be it contractor, fabricator, architect, retailer or beyond, there is a wealth of information to gain from attending our Installation & Fabrication sessions. Join your peers from across tile and stone to brush up on the latest in industry best practices and cutting-edge techniques in installation and fabrication.

Can't-Miss Installation & Fabrication Sessions at Coverings 2021

Coverings’ education keeps attendees current in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Join us for these exciting NEW sessions at Coverings 2021.  

Tile Talks with the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA)

A lively and interactive open forum moderated and coordinated with NTCA technical trainers featuring an emphasis on issues that are common in Florida and the Southeast. Best practices for successful installations of tile and stone will be shared with a special discussion on common installation challenges that impact the Southeastern market.

State of the Stone Industry

What is the current state of the natural stone industry? Learn first-hand how industry leaders and peers are addressing matters ranging from government regulation, competing product challenges, and forecasting market growth. Don’t arrive expecting a PowerPoint presentation as this session is entirely focused on great discussion and responding to your questions. Come prepared with your questions and challenges!

Skills and Time Management for Certification Success

Those who have taken the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) written and hands-on tests will tell you that having a plan and carefully managing time is a must for success in the tile industry. Join representatives from NTCA and the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, administrator of CTI certification, to learn the necessary skills needed to master the clock and complete both the written and hands-on exams without stress and within the time allotted.

Fabricator Forum Breakout Session

This interactive forum is an excellent opportunity to discuss with your fabricator colleagues many of the challenges involved in the market. The session will include three breakout groups (Technical, Business Administration, and Marketing) where fabricators will discuss top challenges in each area. Participants will then reconvene for a facilitated discussion to recap each topic group. All attendees are encouraged to participate by presenting a problem or sharing a solution. Bring your topics and we will provide the forum.

Trials and Tribulations of Tile Installations: A North American Perspective

This session will feature some of the various types of tile challenges that have occurred in the United States and Canada in recent years. A review of these installations, in a top 10 format, will be shown. Discussion will follow on how prevention and/or remedies could have alleviated the issues with special consideration taken from the TCNA Handbook, the NTCA Reference Manual, the Canadian 09 30 00 Tile Installation Manual, and ANSI requirements.

Substrate Preparation for Hard Surfaces

One of the most important aspects of a successful hard surface installation is the condition and preparation of the substrate. There are unique differences but also similarities that affect substrate preparation in the tile, wood, and stone industry. Join this discussion, led by technical reps from across the hard surface industries, to review how condition and prep of your substrate is affected by use of each material. Audience participation and interaction will be strongly recommended; bring your questions and shared experiences.