Installation & Fabrication​​

What Lies Beneath: How the Tile Community Saved the Day with Proper Preparation (90 minutes)

Many of you have seen it, the viral video of a contractor smashing a customer’s bathroom after she complained about his work.  When she was unable to pay for the costly repairs caused by the contractor, in stepped the professional tile community.  Join Jason McDaniel of Global Tile Posse, the members of the repair team, and the homeowner as they share the before and after of the installation and examine the underlying issues of the initial install. What was missing/wrong and how can proper preparation ensure your jobs don’t end the same way?  What best practices in preparation and installation can help you avoid poor reviews and customer disappointment? Discuss what it means to be qualified labor, why training is important, and how and why you need specifiers and customers to engage and understand how to select a professional tile contractor. 


State of the Stone Industry

What is the current state of the natural stone industry?  Learn first-hand how industry leaders and peers are addressing matters ranging from government regulation, competing product challenges, and forecasting market growth.  Don’t arrive expecting a PowerPoint presentation as this session is entirely focused on great discussion and responding to your questions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how industry leaders are tackling some of the most pressing industry issues.
  • Find out what is keeping your industry peers up at night and how others are addressing those common concerns.
  • Understand what “best practices” that can be implemented at your company.


Fabricator Forum Breakout Session

This interactive forum is an excellent opportunity to discuss with your fabricator colleagues many of the challenges involved in the market. The session will include three breakout groups (Technical, Business Administration, and Marketing) where fabricators will discuss top challenges in each area. Participants will then reconvene for a facilitated discussion to recap each topic group.  All attendees are encouraged to participate by presenting a problem or sharing a solution. Bring your topics and we will provide the forum.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a better understanding of the residential countertop market
  • Explore how other fabricators deal with the myriad of issues involved in the residential market
  • Discuss fabrication methods, equipment needs, materials, customer service, personnel and sales strategies.
  • Interact with fabricators from different markets to learn “best practices” from across the country.


Fabricator Trends Tour: New and Innovative Products from the Marketplace

Attendees become familiar with the process of investigating products that are new to their processes. The development of focused questions and the explanations provided by vendors will help to ensure that the product or machine performs as anticipated and will provide the expected results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about new products available to stone professionals.
  • The role that long term planning should play in selecting and implementing new products into your business.
  • Learn how calculate the return on investment of adding new tooling or equipment to your facility.