Workforce & Profits Sessions at Coverings 2024

As part of Coverings’ robust conference program, the Workforce & Profits sessions are designed to help you discover new and successful business practices and tactics to better grow and manage your business. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, installer, or designer, these sessions offer real take-aways, practical labor solutions, and useful techniques for maximizing bottom-line profits.

Because everyone can benefit from smart business solutions.

Workforce & Profits – 2024 Session Spotlights

The key to selling to the affluent is understanding their level of wealth. Based on a proven methodology, this session will review the five levels of wealth and dissect the behaviors, needs, wants, desires, and fears of each demographic so you can capitalize on this key market opportunity.

Do you know the key metrics and controls to focus on while managing your business vs. running and reacting to it? Financial strength is everything in running a business and you need to understand the crucial indicators that will allow your company to be proactive in identifying trouble ahead to avoid deterioration of the business.

It is easy to borrow money and increase labor to try and manage your business and oftentimes those are exactly the wrong answers as they leave you weak financially and overburdened from a cost perspective. Understanding the key ratios and relationships among financial variables, relative measurements vs absolute measurements, and where to place strategic bets are the key to managing a dynamic business in a fluid and difficult economy. Rising interest rates, slowing sales, increasing costs of supply, constraining consumers and inflation are just a few of the challenges businesses face in this type of environment. You will never see your business the same way as you take away benchmarks and techniques that you can implement to identify and create efficiencies whether you are a distributor, contractor, manufacturer, or commercial specifier.

Being in the tile and stone industry is not only physically taxing but mentally as well. Whether you are working for yourself or working for a company, the everyday challenges you may face to complete your job can feel endless. Supply chain issues, Covid-19 restrictions, customer personalities, employee shortages, etc., the list goes on and on which implicate stress on the job. Unfortunately, the last thing on our minds is typically what “we” need personally. We all want to be successful in our jobs, but we often forget that success starts at the top. What is the top? YOU are. It starts with you.

A Sampling of Workforce & Profits Sessions From Coverings 2023