Workforce & Profits

The Workforce & Profits Sessions at Coverings 2022

will help you discover new and successful business practices and tactics to better grow and manage your workforce. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, installer or designer, you need real take-aways, practical labor solutions and techniques for maximizing bottom-line profits. Because everyone can benefit from smart business solutions.

Can't-Miss Workforce & Profits Sessions at Coverings 2022!

Can't-Miss Workforce & Profits Sessions at Coverings 2022

Growth 2022: Covid, the Economy, Inflation and Mid-Terms – Tactics, Strategies and Actions to Increase Profitability in Uncertain Times

Booster shots are here, the economy is in flux, inflation is increasing, and mid-term elections are less than a year away. So what does this mean for your company, your people, your partners, and your community? What new issues will we be facing? What investments should we be making? How will the economy fare? How will the mid-term elections impact your operations? What are smart leaders around the country doing to navigate their companies towards growth and profitability over the next two years? These questions and more discussed during this interactive session.

Women’s Work: Emerging Opportunities on The Jobsite and in the Workplace

Come explore the topic of women on the jobsite and in the workplace in this panel discussion. Our panel features a representative from the local chapters of the National Association of Women in Construction, and AIA, as well as a female tile contractor — the first female trainer with the National Tile Contractors Association — and representative of the Women in Stone program of the Natural Stone Institute.

What advantages do women bring to the job? What emerging opportunities are there for women in construction and architecture? How do industry segments support diversity, equality and inclusion through learning, employment opportunities and mentorship? As the employment picture has shifted as a result of the pandemic, are their new openings for women to bring their gifts, talents and skills into the workplace? What challenges do women have to overcome – in terms of perception, assumptions, opportunities or skills, and what successes have been logged along the way?

Come learn about the powerhouse that women bring to the job, and how to tap into the energy of DEIvinity in our industry.

Laws of Luxury: How to Increase Your Sales by Leveraging the Luxury Business Model

Luxury is a business model with specific tactics.  Major luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel use specific strategies and tactics to increase sales to the affluent at higher margins.  Learn how you can use these same tactics to increase your profitability.  Geared toward stone and tile distributors, as well as design firms, this session will help you understand the steps needed to become a luxury brand or boost margins and sell to the affluent.

Differentiating Your Business Through the Health and Wellness Movement

As people spend more time in their homes, the importance of the home as a sanctuary has moved to the forefront. No longer merely a functional space designed for shelter, the home is a refuge for restoration and rejuvenation that also supports health and wellness. Kitchens – already a hub of the home – are growing in significance. Fewer people are eating out, and cooking is gaining traction. Features like water filtration, touchless fixtures, convection and induction cooking, and kitchen gardens are becoming more common. Elements such as spa-style bathrooms with large soaking tubs and steam showers, proper ventilation, humidity/mold control systems, natural light, and smart technology are also assuming a more prominent role as we navigate a constantly evolving landscape. Moreover, hygienic materials – antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces, stainless steel for appliances, etc. – are becoming top-of-mind for countertops and finishes.

In this session, a thought leader with 34 years of experience in the home and build products industry and a certified Wellness Within Your Walls professional – will share how design-build professionals can embrace the movement toward health and wellness in the home, and effectively promote that alignment to differentiate and revitalize their businesses as we move into an uncharted future.