Catching up with the Coverings 2014 Installation Design Showcase designers

Eric Roberts’s plans for the retail space.
One of the most popular programs at Coverings (and one of our favorites!) is the Installation Design Showcase (#CoveringsIDS). With Coverings 2014 rapidly approaching, we connected with this year’s four lead designers. The Indoor Courtyard is headed up by Jonathon Anderson, an Assistant Professor of Architecture at UNLV, the Retail Space is led by Eric Roberts with AIA Las Vegas and of SH-Architecture, The Bar is designed by ASID Central California-Nevada’s Stephen Leon, and the Sustainable Accessible Bathroom is directed by USGBC Nevada Chapter President Daniel Huard.
The designers were able to pull themselves away from putting the finishing touches on their projects to tell us how their design concepts have changed since conception and what they are most excited to see as their designs are realized at Coverings next week.

A rendering of Stephen Leon’s bar area.

Coverings: How is your Installation Design Showcase project shaping up in the last week prior to the show?
Stephen Leon: I’m really looking forward to meeting my installation team. We haven’t met yet but I’ve spoken to them on several occasions. The Installation Design Showcase is such a terrific concept – to be in on the process from the early planning stages to seeing it all materialize before my eyes (and everyone else’s) is really special.
Daniel Huard: As is likely expected, we are all excited to see the construction start in order to view the space relationships of the fully realized project so that we can add those small but important accessorial final touches.
Coverings: How has your project design evolved since you first conceptualized the space?
Eric Roberts: We spent a lot of time early on in the process doing nothing more than coming up with ideas that would make our installation partner crazy! Through the design process though, we felt more and more that the tile product had a beauty that would be diminished by complicating the installation method. We are very happy with how it has all come together!
Jonathon Anderson: Honestly, the project is conceptually very similar to our original idea. Minor changes have been made to tile sizes and colors and some of the furniture that will stage the installation is different but the look is still there.
Coverings: What elements of your project are you most excited to see come into fruition on the show floor?
Eric Roberts: We are excited to see the whole tile palette come together and to see how the highlights “play out” in the final design. We are also looking forward to seeing how well the space presents as an actual retail space.
Stephen Leon: I’m excited to see it all come together as the furniture I’m using will truly be show-stopping! Red will be the dominant upholstery and art color set against the mostly white and neutral tile and stone. And we even have a back bar featuring a sink! It’s all going to be great – a bar in Las Vegas! What a natural.
Jonathon Anderson: I am most excited about the herringbone walls. It will be a difficult install but the gradient of colors will move your eye throughout the space.
Daniel Huard: I am really interested in the visitor response to see how much of the integrated universal design and sustainable concepts we used become obvious and what flies under the radar.

The four vignettes will be open for the duration of the exposition and conference for all attendees to enjoy. A full tour with presentations by the designers and installers detailing each vignette will take place on Thursday, May 1 at 4:00 p.m. with a cocktail reception to follow. This free program and reception is open to all attendees, though it is suggested to pre-register while registering to attend the show at
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