Future forecast

“We can do nothing to change the past, but we have enormous power to shape the future” -Edward Cornish
I have people tell me all the time, ‘I don’t follow trends’. But what they mean is they don’t follow fads. There is a difference between a fad and a trend. Fads come and go but trends have a longer life and are evolved from specific drivers and influences in our society, which I will discuss in my presentation during Coverings. Trends are important. They tell us what materials we will be using and what we will be seeing in the future.
One trend I will be focusing on as a speaker at Coverings 2012, will be Garden Party. My studio has forecasted Garden Party for 2013 and describes it in the following way:
Be charmed by an imaginative vision of slate shades mixed with greenery and blooms. Playful, fanciful and enchanted, this is not your standard garden party. Corsage florals are bold and over scaled, Garden greens and feminine floral hues are paired with black or dark blueberry for edge and balance, Floral Patterns mix with trellis, swirls and leaves.
My studio has partnered with Artaic and taken this whimsical and lighthearted trend and we created our mosaic tile collection together called ‘Enchanted Garden’. Flower motifs are everywhere from tiles to fashion and with spring just around the corner this is a very exciting and inspiring design collection. It has been a fascinating process working with Artaic and experiencing our designs come to life with their innovative robotic technology.
Garden Party is just one of many trends I have forecasted for 2012-2013 and I can’t wait to share the rest of them with you during my conference sessions at Coverings, ‘Tile Trends: Future Forecast.’ Register today for free to join me – see you all in Orlando!