Kaleinterflex: The Ultimate Covering Material

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Kalesinterflex porcelain slabs introduce a new era of possibilities with their large dimensions, elegant profiles, lightweight compositions, and ecologically careful production.

First conceptualized in 2005 through the unique expertise of Kaleseramik, a groundbreaking investment in 2023 has given birth to an upgrated Kalesinterflex. Now available in remarkable dimensions of 160x320cm and 162x323cm, with options of 6mm, 12mm this cutting-edge product offers matte, soft matte, satin and polished surfaces promising to redefine architectural patterns. Designed with outstanding features, they are perfect for kitchen countertops. This revolutionary product is set to redefine industry standards, offering a 20mm thickness option while also providing the flexibility of a minimum thickness of 3mm to meet the needs of the US market.

Kalesinterflex perfectly reproduces the excellence and richness of colors and textures, along with the veining and shading of marble, natural stone, and the most innovative designer materials, to create alluring atmospheres and environments.

An essential material used for unique architecture; porcelain slab introduces an entirely new look into modern lives. Standing out with its lightweight, flexible form, ease of cutting and durable surface, Kalesinterflex goes beyond the conventional areas of the use of porcelain slabs.

Kalesinterflex porcelain slabs revolutionize kitchens, combining beauty and technology for unparalleled performance. The kitchen countertop solution, with its innovative design and versatility in thickness ranging from 0.47” to 0.78”, and dimensions measuring 64” x 127” cm, the possibilities are limitless, eliminating any boundaries in kitchen design and functionality.

It’s easy to clean and due to its nonporous structure, it offers a comfortable and hygienic kitchen. As resistant as it is to stains, scratches and abrasion; it is also resistant to the most extreme heat and cold. It’s fireproof and environmentally friendly. Cooking never looked this good and performed this perfectly.

With its durable structure, hygienic surface and aesthetic appearance, Kalesinterflex is a perfect solution to enhance your kitchen enjoyment.

Kalesinterflex is also a perfect option for building exteriors thanks to its light and thin form. Its robust structure ensures resistance against diverse weather conditions.

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