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Gain complimentary advice to boost your business branding, digital marketing initiatives and B2B communications.

Focus on your brand to showcase your best self.

Your brand is everything. It’s your voice, your actions, your credibility, how people perceive you, and what you stand for. It’s not meant to be on the bottom of your to-do list. 

 When it comes to your digital presence, what you put out there only represents the tip of the iceberg. 90% of people who want to work with you, will ‘google’ you before considering doing business with you. Drop by to get a fresh perspective of your online cred and digital footprint from our quick and free 360° audit of your brand voice, image, website, social media authority and reputation.

Build life-changing habits and learn about apps/tools to boost your productivity.

How do we train the brain to work like we do? Or is it the other way around? Focus on all things productivity, time management, creativity, and new ways to help you create more value in what you do and how you think. 

Get ready to:

  • Benefit from one-on-one consultations with actionable takeaways and homework! 
  • Showcase your professional and knowledgeable self on various social media platforms to create a lasting first impression
  • Engage your professional network, build connections, and start conversations
  • Create or curate relevant content that will expand your community 
  • Join the conversation using #Coverings2022

Elevator Pitch Video Station

Elevate your brand through punchy videos that tell your story, your way! These 30-45 second videos serve as a customized elevator pitch to be distributed to prospective customers. 

Leverage the power of online networking by stopping by the Elevator Pitch Station to work hand-in-hand with a professional video producer and develop a sales tool sure to enhance your digital footprint.