Materials & Trends

The Materials & Trends sessions at Coverings 2022 focus

on the breathtaking world of tile & stone. Get the latest updates on tile & stone trends and design from around the globe which will inspire you to sell, specify, and install.

Can't-Miss Materials & Trends Sessions at Coverings 2022!

Can't-Miss Materials & Trends Sessions at Coverings 2022!

Today’s Era of Ramped-Up Health and Environmental Action and Opportunities for Tile – Industry Leadership Collaboration Panel

Demand for sustainable construction products, driven especially by green and healthy building architectural criteria, has grown significantly over the last ten years. Today’s leading green building programs are viewed by the design community as important vehicles for advancements in health and environmental progression. Further elevating the green building conversation in the US today, the Biden administration’s views on climate change and energy are putting a spotlight on all things sustainability-related. Federal actions to promote environmental standards through building and construction procurement are having an impact on demands, not only in governmental construction, but throughout the entire real estate market. To satisfy present and future green and healthy building demand and to facilitate product conformance to rating programs, codes, regulations, and purchasing requirements, the North American ceramic tile industry is poised to capitalize on several tools and standards addressing health and environmental transparency and performance.   

Engage, Experience and Express: Future Color/Design Trends

Based on lifestyles and workstyles that are in a dynamic state of change, color and design trends are multi-faceted. As we adapt to the challenges of supply chain issues and inventory management, on the ongoing shift to digital strategies and products, and the need to flourish in new markets, we depend on forecasts that will help us better understand the need and mindsets of our customers and/or clients. It is important that we enable them to engage, experience and express themselves using our products or services. Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Eiseman Center for Color information and Training and the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute will guide us through the carefully selected seven palettes that explain the relevance of the outstanding future influences and specific directions in color and design.

Tapping the Luxury Market – Insider Secrets from Luxury Daily’s Women in Luxury

Adopting luxury strategies is essential to selling better products at higher margins to wealthier prospects.  Luxury Daily, the “World’s Leading Luxury Business Publication”, has identified only 50 Women in Luxury globally in the last two years.  Join representatives from this exclusive club as they share their counterintuitive philosophies, insider luxury secrets and provide guidance for how you can tap into luxury – the most lucrative market possible.

Safety and Performance Issues with Not So Luxurious Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Acronyms continue to emerge in the market to abbreviate a group of plastic and plastic-resin flooring products. Resilient floor coverings, LVT, LVP, WPC, SPC, CPC, RCB, and plastic-resin flooring, ERF, PAF – this alphabet soup of labels can be confusing at best. Understanding that plastic is the common denominator of all these products is the first step in helping you make the best choice in your flooring selection.  Is a plastic floor waterproof? What can happen when moisture gets into the seams of a plastic floor?  Is plastic-resin flooring difficult to maintain?  These are some of the questions addressed in this session using the latest research comparing the benefits of ceramic tile with plastic based material (PBM) flooring.