Why Tile?

Why Tile® is the tile trade’s first-ever industry-wide initiative designed to provide what we hope will be the information you need to make the choice for tile a clear and easy one.

You may know that tile dates to ancient times, as archaeologists continue to excavate bits and pieces of both pottery and tiles – shards that date back thousands of years – from sites around the world.

What you may not know about tile is that it’s as rugged as it is beautiful; delivers as many health benefits for the occupants of any space as it does timeless design touches; and, thanks to the fact that each piece is hand-laid, provides customization opportunities simply unattainable through any other surface option. It’s these lesser-known facts that we’ve set out to communicate through this campaign.

Why Tile® is spearheaded by a joint initiative of the tile industry, with installers, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers banded together as never before to step outside their own corporate interests, with the common goal of simply providing education and information about tile.